15 October 2021 | General

Trans Am teaches the experienced new tricks

Experienced driver Aaron Tebb is quickly learning the different driving style required to ensure the longevity of components in his Trans Am Chevrolet Camaro.

Coming from a background in Development Series and GTs, Tebb has been required to learn quickly to adapt as a lot more care is needed to preserve certain areas of a Trans Am over the course of a race distance.

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“There are a few idiosyncrasies in Trans Am,” Tebb explained.

“In a Supercar you can go like a cut snake and deal with it at the end of the race, the same with GT cars as they are designed to go 24 hours, so you don’t have to maintain the brakes or tyres.

“Where you hop in the Trans Am, I’ve got a bit of a trait where I just smash the crap out of the brake pedal and deal with it later.

“Obviously, that doesn’t work in these cars, so I’m trying to get my head around that with limited time in the car.”

As revealed in August, Tebb hopes to expand his National Trans Am Series interests through his Waltec Motorsport operation.

Juggling customers and his own racing program is nothing new to Tebb after doing likewise in Development Series for many seasons.

“I’m not really doing this professionally myself; I’ve got customers to look after and they take preference ahead of what I do,” said Tebb.

“We had a bit of a bad round at Sydney Motorsport Park, we didn’t realise the diff broke during the opening session so we spent all weekend where one minute it was locked, then the next it was open.

“We were running other cars that weekend and I was more worried about how they were going, rather than myself.

“We’ll get there though.”