19 August 2021 | General

Expansion hopes for Waltec Motorsport following learning season

The search for a Trans Am car on behalf of a customer led Aaron Tebb’s own journey into the category as his Waltec Motorsport concern aims to expand to run customer entries in 2022.

A previous competitor in Development Series, Super3 and GTs, Tebb made his debut this year in the National Trans Am Series where he is currently placed 10th racing a Chevrolet Camaro.

It was through Tebb’s previous association with Garry Rogers Motorsport in entering its older Commodores in the Development Series that his entry into Trans Am came to being.

A customer had enlisted Tebb to search for a suitable Trans Am car and GRM was the first port of call. Although no cars were available at that time, Rogers rang back later in the year when one did so.

After racing older Garry Rogers Motorsport Commodores in the Development Series, Tebb drew on this previous relationship to contact Team Owner Garry Rogers about obtaining a Trans Am car for a customer, but there wasn’t one available.

However, a follow up phone call from Rogers gave Tebb his entrance into Trans Am.

“In the meantime, we found a car for the customer then at the end of last year Garry rang to ask if we were still looking for one, but we weren’t,” Tebb explained.

“However, he did ask if we wanted to lease one and you never say never so when he went through the figures, which made it pretty hard to pass up.

“We hadn’t done anything for a while so we might have a crack at that as obviously the series is going from strength-to-strength.”

Tebb through Waltec Motorsport also runs entries in production cars, GTs and a prototype LMP3 on behalf of customers, but is aiming to expand this to include the National Trans Am Series.

“We’re trying to expand our business here and this year is being used to work out where we are going with the hope of running more cars next season for customers,” said Tebb.

“That’s what we got into it for, also you’ve got to have fun now and then!

“A lot of our customers are gentleman drivers that go out and have a bit of fun. We have a couple of young kids who we are looking at for next year, but budget is still required.”

Tebb admitted it has been an introductory season, but is enjoying the new challenge provided.

“This year is a learning one,” said Tebb.

“You can’t just turn up and say you know everything about the car, but to be honest at the end of this season we probably won’t know half as much about Trans Am as what other people do.

“We just need to make sure we have the basics right and that’s all we’re trying to do.”

The next round of the National Trans Am Series will be held at The Bend Motorsport Park on October 15-17.