8 January 2024 | General

Trans Am Introduces Hoosier Young Gun Award

The Trans Am Series will introduce a new Hoosier Young Gun award throughout the 2024 season.

The award is designed to recognise drivers under the age of 25, with the introduction of a “Hoosier Young Gun of the Round” at each stop on the 2024 calendar. At the conclusion of the season, the top three young drivers in the points will be recognised for their achievements.

Trans Am has already become a popular category for young drivers in Australia, with the battle between youth and experience emerging as one of the biggest focal points across the first three seasons. Nathan Herne claimed the 2021 and 2022 overall honours as a teenager, before the experience of James Moffat won out in 2023 against young teammate Lochie Dalton.

In 2023 it was Dalton, Tom Hayman and Cody Gillis who led the way for the young drivers. Hayman won four races throughout the season, with Dalton on the top step three times and Gillis notching up five podium finishes. The trio finished second, fourth and seventh in the standings.

The Young Guns will still be eligible for their respective classes in 2024, with more information on a revised class structure to be released shortly.

Graham Sattler, Category Manager
“We are passionate about fostering new talent in the National Trans Am Series,” said Sattler.

“Introducing the Young Gun Award further rewards the young drivers coming through, providing them with even more incentive. We have a fantastic crop of returning young drivers and also look to have a fantastic crop of new young rookie drivers joining us ready to show what they can do.

“The future is bright in Trans Am,” concluded Sattler.

Tom Hayman
“Trans Am is a great category for young drivers to come in to alongside all the big names as well,” said Hayman.

“The cars are great for learning your race craft, they move around a lot and have the big V8 motor in them which makes it big step up from some of the other feeder categories. The results so far have really shown how the cars are equal and that there is an opportunity for anyone to prove themselves. The new award for young drivers is a great step in promoting the series and introducing more young drivers moving forward.

“It’s a good incentive, to know that there’s that opportunity to be rewarded and show themselves against the more experienced drivers on the big stage,” concluded Hayman.

Cody Gillis
“Coming straight out of karts, Trans Am has been a great stepping stone for me,” said Gillis.

“It teaches you how to drive a race car, and it wasn’t to daunting. It was easier to hop into one of these cars than some other categories, with that learning curve. The Young Guns award should hopefully entice more young drivers to pursue Trans Am, I think the category is very underrated in that regard. People don’t realise you can hop in and figure it out quite quickly.

“Racing against the experienced guys like (James) Moffat, you’re always learning and having that experience against them speeds up your learning process quite quickly,” concluded Gillis.