31 March 2023 | General

Trans Am results changed from red flagged Race 2 at Symmons Plains

An independent tribunal has handed down its findings into race two of the Trans Am Series at AWC Race Tasmania, part of the Shannons SpeedSeries. The findings, which can be read in full here, will result in the race being declared a non-event due to the minimum number of laps not being completed before red flags were first shown.  The independent tribunes were Roland Dane (Chair), Greg Crick and Steven Richards. Along with the change to the official race result, the tribunal also made several recommendations which Motorsport Australia will now consider. The tribunal did not investigate the cause of the crash that led to the race stoppage, but did look into other matters such as the medical response, communication between officials and the potential for further training of officials. Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca thanked the tribunal members for their work on the matter. “We have received the tribunal’s findings and will now carefully consider their recommendations and any further changes or initiatives that may be required both in the short and long term,” Arocca said. “It is now confirmed the official race result has been declared, meaning no points will be awarded from the category’s second race of the event as it did not meet the minimum race distance.”