16 December 2022 | General

Elliot Barbour building towards 2023 Turtle Wax Trans Am Series attack

Elliot Barbour ended his maiden season on a high by finishing fifth in the final race at Sandown and he hopes better preparation and good momentum will provide a consistent sophomore campaign in 2023.

Barbour ended the season running his Pioneer DJ Chevrolet Camaro with a group of friends as he handled the logistics throughout the second half of the season.

After racing in SuperUtes and historic racing, Barbour revealed the attractions of joining the Turtle Wax Trans Am Series.

“The cars are so cool, the category is easy and personally I think it is one of the most competitive national categories at the moment,” he explained.

“I think the depth of talent is pretty solid and provides a great challenge. I love the category and I think it’s great.

“We finished fifth in the last race at Sandown, which was good and that was the aim to finish inside the top five.”

Summarising his season, despite the difficulties it was one where Barbour learnt a lot and will now take into his 2023 campaign.

“It was a tough year and I literally did not one lap of testing all season,” Barbour reflected. “I was just driving the truck and unloading myself, with a few of the boys helping over the weekend, so it was very much a privateer, one man band operation, but I enjoyed it.

“It was taxing, but we had to get through that to get where we are now and I’m looking forward to next year.

“I was happy with that, but next season it will be a good time to ramp it up and hopefully give it a crack.”

Plans are well underway for 2023 where Barbour is aiming to be a consistent frontrunner as increased preparation in comparison to last year has the Victorian bullish of his chances.

“We’ve got more resources for next year, we’re in a better position to roll with the momentum of Sandown when we finished strongly,” he said.

“We’re in a much better position than we were last year when two days before Race Tasmania my season was still up in the air, so we’re already prepared much better.

“It’s going to be hard to break into the top 10 even 15, but that’s the attraction of racing in this category.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

The opening round of the Turtle Wax Trans Am Series will occur during the third annual AWC Race Tasmania event held at Symmons Plains on February 24-26.