17 August 2022 | General

Lochie Dalton aiming to finish as lead rookie

Garry Rogers Motorsport’s Lochie Dalton is aiming to finish his maiden season at Sandown next month as lead rookie in the standings.

The Turtle Wax Trans Am Series has welcomed an influx of impressive rookies this season including Dalton, who sits 11th in the standings entering the final round at Sandown next month. Five positions further up in the title is lead rookie Jon McCorkindale, a position Dalton is eager to take at Sandown as he trails by 77-points.

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“I want to be leading rookie this year, that’s the aim,” Dalton said.

“It’s really tight and it just shows if you have one or two ugly races this year it really impacts your season, as we’ve seen with Nathan already.”

Although he hasn’t competed at Sandown before, Dalton believes Trans Am will be spectacular at the historic venue.

“I think these cars will be really cool at Sandown, especially to watch,” emphasised Dalton.

“It’s such an iconic venue and to have Trans Am there is awesome. I’m 11th in the standings, I’m not looking at it as much anymore after the rough couple of rounds we’ve been through, so at the moment I want to try finish every race at the front, learn as much as I can and hopefully put something together next year.”

It’s not just been a learning year in terms of his GRM Mustang, but Dalton has had to learn circuits including the last event at Queensland Raceway, though this has been made easier through the set-up work led by Marcos Ambrose.

“As soon as I can get my head around the track and realise where to put the car, the set-ups there, the GRM Mustang is fast so it’s just up to me to drive the thing,” he explained.

“I always head out with a lot of confidence in the car, I know it’s always going to be fast it’s just whether I can pull my finger out and drive it.”

The final round of the Turtle Wax Trans Am Series continues alongside the SpeedSeries at Sandown on September 16-18.