30 June 2022 | General

It just brings you back to old school driving – Lee Holdsworth

Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series race winner Lee Holdsworth was left impressed by his first taste of Turtle Wax Trans Am after driving brother Brett’s Ashley Seward Motorsport-prepared Chevrolet Camaro.

Speaking on the Parked Up Podcast, the current Grove Racing Supercars driver described his findings after sampling the Camaro in a few test days.

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“I’ve had a couple of steers of Brett’s Trans Am and absolutely loved it,” Holdsworth told the Parked Up Podcast.

“The most fun thing, it just brings you back to that old school driving.

“You really got to pick it up and man handle it. You’re always sliding in some way even under brakes you’re fighting the thing and then on throttle you’re always crossed up.

“The thing I like about it is the tyre is very forgiving, the car is quite forgiving, so that’s why you can hang the hang the rear out on exits and entries, but you don’t actually lose lap time.

“It’s actually the way you drive it.

“Whereas in a Supercar, if you’ve got any loss of traction, whether it be laterally or longitudinally you’re losing time which can be a bit frustrating.”

Holdsworth believes the driving style required to drive in Trans Am lends itself to exciting racing and its growth in fanbase.

“Trans Am just brings it back to that old school nature of racing which is what everyone loves to see, so I think it’s got a great following because of that,” Holdsworth explained.

“After driving the Gen3 car, there are certainly a lot of similarities (to a Trans Am).”

Holdsworth’s brother Brett is placed fourth in the standings after scoring his maiden podium finish at Sydney Motorsport Park.

The penultimate round of the Turtle Wax Trans Am Series takes place as part of the SpeedSeries at Queensland Raceway on August 5-7.

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