3 June 2022 | General

Johnson learning in the workshop to provide advantages on-track

Turtle Wax Trans Am Series rookie Jett Johnson is not only doing his learning on-track, but inside the workshop is where he is importantly gaining a knowledge and understanding of his NAPA Auto Parts Ford Mustang.

Johnson explained on the Parked Up Podcast how the crew at Team Johnson is aiding in his development.

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“I’m doing a lot of work on the Trans Am cars actually,” Johnson said.

“We have our race shop in Coomera where we do a lot of customer racing stuff and some custom road car builds. A lot of stuff we’ve been doing is prepping stuff like Excels, MX-5s and a lot of club cars like that lately, but a lot we’ve had a few Super2/3 cars come in to set-up.

“Ben (Leeds, lead mechanic) is really good and tries to get me doing as much as I can do. Whenever I can’t do something, he gets me right next to him to walkthrough what he’s doing. Whether that be at PBR where Cam Sendell guides us through the building of a Trans Am gearbox just learning the mechanical side, as well as all the prep and maintenance work that you do on the cars as well.

“He gets me doing as much cool stuff for an apprentice that he can, but that doesn’t stop me from having to sweep floors, make coffees, scrap all the tyres to measure them and all the other boring stuff.”

Of course, coming from a famous motorsport family, support has been forthcoming from father Steve and granddad Dick, however another leading driver is also an integral support for Johnson.

“Dad has been through everything I’m going through at the moment,” Johnson said.

“He knows exactly what mistakes and he’s trying to have me not make the same mistakes, but another person that’s been huge in helping me with everything has been Will Davison.

“Whenever I’m at DJR he’s always keen for a chat and he’s always telling me to give him a call or text whenever to talk anything through so they’ve been the two biggest people so far along with grandpa.”

The next round of the Turtle Wax Trans Am Series is at Queensland Raceway on August 5-7.

Jett spoke in length about Trans Am racing on the Parked Up podcast. Listen to the episode below;