29 October 2021 | General

Apprentice guides the master

There was a reversal of roles at the Garry Rogers Motorsport shakedown and test day at Winton on Monday as James Moffat was instead being mentored by protégé Nathan Herne in what was his second test of his Trans Am Ford Mustang.

Normally calling the shots for Herne in S5000, Moffat was receiving guidance from the leading National Trans Am Series driver ahead of his category debut at Sydney Motorsport Park next month.

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“It was fantastic to get out on the track in the Trans Am with the Coca Cola inspired livery, it’s certainly something special and close to my heart for sure,” Moffat summarised.

“To hit track and see what it’s all about in Trans Am land was really enjoyable.

“Nathan is very fast in these Trans Am cars and he’s fighting for the championship, so he knows what he’s doing behind the wheel. Any help I could get from him I was certainly going to make the most of that and he even jumped in to do a few laps himself.”

Adaption was required in his driving style jumping from his regular Renault Megane R.S. TCR from the Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series into the what is a distinct opposite in the form of the Trans Am Mustang.

“They’re fantastic cars to drive to be honest,” he enthused.

“The Trans Am is very different to what I’m used to, jumping out of a TCR car, which is front-wheel-drive, a little two-litre turbocharged hot hatch, but obviously the big V8 you can’t go past.

“For me, it’s a bit about reprogramming my brain really because the tyre is very different to what I’m used to, even in Supercar land let alone TCR, so there are a few adjustments for me behind the wheel and that’s all part of the challenge. You never stop learning in motor racing, that’s the good thing.”

Making his National Trans Am Series debut at Sydney Motorsport Park is long awaited for Moffat, but he is eager to join the action.

“I’m looking forward to getting up to Sydney Motorsport Park,” Moffat said.

“It should be fantastic. Obviously, there is a title battle between Nathan Herne and Aaron Seton as well, so maybe hopefully we can get in there and give those boys something to worry about as well.

“I’m just looking forward to getting out there and amongst it against all the other competitors to see where we stack up.”

The next round of the National Trans Am Series will be at Sydney Motorsport Park on November 19-21.