10 September 2021 | General

Nathan Herne heralds successful Trans Am test

After completing his first Trans Am test day at Winton, title contender Nathan Herne is approaching the concluding rounds of the season with renewed confidence.

Just four-points split he and Harris Racing’s Aaron Seton as the series enters a thrilling finale.

Herne experimented with his driving style at the test driving the Garry Rogers Motorsport-supported Dream Racing Australia Dodge Challenger to find an extra edge as he aims to take the inaugural Trans Am National Series title.

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“We did a test day at Winton; I hadn’t completed a single test day since joining the category apart from when I first got the car but that was a shakedown,” Herne explained.

“We went there with a whole bucket list we wanted to try on the car and at the end of the day we didn’t change the set-up I just drove it in different ways and tried different styles that I wouldn’t get away with at a race meeting.

“I found a lot of pace in it. It comes down to the old trick, you can’t blame the car you’ve just got to drive around it.”

Herne believes Bathurst was a turning point for the category and highlights a significant shift in pace.

“The battle with Seto at Bathurst, I think it just pushed the development of the whole category up 20 percent whereas generally at every round we’ve been lifting it by 10 percent,” he said.

“The car has got a lot faster since Bathurst and I’ve definitely learnt a lot about driving the things as well.

“I just think we’ve stepped up so much and I know Seto will be in his shed every night with his dad scratching their heads thinking how they can make their thing faster and I’m doing the same down here.

“There’s a lot of work going into it.”

Herne is not resting on his laurels, he doesn’t expect Seton to either as drivers including Nash Morris, Ben Grice, Owen Kelly, Kyle Gurton and Edan Thornburrow continue to close the gap.

“We’re just at that phase in Trans Am where the racing is really exciting,” said Herne.

“We can have Seto and I dominate at the start of the year, but come the next round a new kid on the block can come through and wipe the floor with us.

“We’ve just got to keep developing the car to the rate we are currently.”