25 June 2021 | General

Nathan Herne makes next step in motorsport career

Speco VHT S5000 Australian Drivers Championship and National Trans Am Series driver Nathan Herne is preparing to make the biggest commitment of his motorsport career as he makes the move to Melbourne.

Spurred on by his promising performances earlier this year combining the two programs with Garry Rogers Motorsport, Herne believes moving closer to the team will beneficial to his on-track performance.

“This move to Melbourne is to show Garry and Barry that I’m committed to racing,” said Herne.

“I’ve said to anyone that I know, if I had to live on the side of the road and eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner just to race cars, I’ll do it.

“I’m going out on a limb to make this a career and to learn about the cars, plus about what makes it all tick over.”

Herne finished fifth in the Speco VHT S5000 Australian Drivers’ Championship and is currently second in the National Trans Am Series by a slender four points heading to Morgan Park on August 13-15.

The rising star has credited fellow GRM driver and future Trans Am competitor James Moffat for playing a key role in his development.

“James Moffat has been real big for me,” Herne emphasised.

“I’ve been talking to him heaps. Moff has sort of been the big brother to me, keeping an eye out for me and letting me know what to do.

“He’s been a big motivator behind this move, but at the end of day I’ve got one chance to make it, one life so I’ve just to give it all I’ve got and hope for the best.”

By swapping between the S5000 and Trans Am Dodge Challenger, Herne has needed to adapt quickly to both with each category’s session often scheduled back-to-back.

“It’s a big difference to learn,” admitted Herne.

“I’ve just got to pull my finger out this season and do the job. If Garry, Barry or Moff didn’t think I was up for it, somebody would have had a chat to me by now and pulled the pin on one of them.

“But so far, I haven’t had that chat yet so I’ll give a red hot crack and see how we go.”

The next round of the National Trans Am Series will be held at Morgan Park Raceway on August 15-17. CLICK HERE for tickets.