25 November 2020 | General

Tassie driver supporting countdown to Race Tasmania

Tasmanian Tim Shaw doing his part of the inaugural Race Tasmania event in January, promoting the two race meetings on the doors of his Chevrolet Camaro Trans Am car.

The proud Tasmanian, a long-time Trans Am competitor, will compete in a race at Sandown this weekend as he gains miles in his car ahead of the 2021 National Trans Am Series, kicking off at Symmons Plains Raceway on January 24-26.

Just a few days after the Symmons event, the Trans Am field will head to Baskerville Raceway near Hobart for the Trans Am Ten Thousand, where the drivers in the American muscle car series will compete for a cool $30,000 in cash prizes.

CLICK HERE for ticket details for the twin Race Tasmania events.

Today marks 60 days until the first day of track action at Symmons Plains, and Shaw says that Tasmanian race fans are already starting to get excited about the return of national-level motorsport to the Apple Isle.

“Everyone that I’m talking to reckons the Race Tasmania events are going to be awesome,” he said.

“There’s plenty of fans down here for each of the categories that are coming down here. There’s something for everyone.

“There’s lovers of the Touring Car Masters, there’s a good following for TCR and then there’s the open wheel people. The S5000 should smash the lap record down here, so anyone that I speak too, they are all excited about it.

“Obviously, the Trans Ams are where my heart lies, and it’s awesome that we’ll have the chance to race them at Symmons and Baskerville – they’re two totally different tracks.

“Baskerville is a real drivers’ circuit, l It has an exciting corner like Hungry at Lakeside, blind corners and fantastic viewing points for the fans. It’s a bit like like Oran Park in that sense.

“This will be only the second time that I’ve been able to race in a national level in my home state, so we are putting every effort in to be competitive, and of course, just enjoy the whole experience.

“I’m going to Sandown this weekend with my Trans Am car, so I thought it was a good chance to put some Race Tasmania stickers on the car and hopefully raise the profile of the event as much as we can.”

The Symmons Plains event will be held on January 24-26, followed by Baskerville Raceway on January 29-31.

CLICK HERE for ticket details for the twin Race Tasmania events.